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Upload a file for a new labeling session

A file contains one or more documents that can be used to create a labeling session.If show_preview is True, a preview will be shown and the endpoint to createa new labeling session must be called using the "id" and a column nameobtained in the preview response.

Path Parameters
  • project_id integer required

    ID of the project

Request Body required
  • show_preview boolean

    If true, a preview will be shown.

  • file binary required

    file to upload


The File has been uploaded.

  • created date-time

    When the session was started.

  • finished date-time

    When the session was finished.

  • document_count integer

    Total of documents

  • document_group_id integer

    ID of the document group related to the session, if any

  • organization_id integer

    ID of the organization to which the session belongs.

  • user_id integer

    ID of the user to which the session belongs.

  • project_id integer

    ID of the project to which the session belongs.

  • uuid uuid

    The unique ID of the session.

  • id integer

    The ID of the session.

  • name string

    The session's name.

  • progress float

    The session's progress.

  • model_id integer

    The ID of the model used by that session. This property only makes sense for correction sessions

  • status string


    The session's status.

  • mode string

    Possible values: [ANNOTATION, CORRECTION]

    The session's mode.

  • type string

    Possible values: [ABSA, CLASS, LABEL, CLASSLABEL]

    The session's classification type.

  • description string

    The session's description.

  • classes string[]

    All classes that belong to the session

  • labels string[]

    All labels that belong to the session