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Create a new labeling session

If neither documents nor document_ids are given, the whole documents of the system are used for this annotation.

Path Parameters
  • project_id integer required

    ID of the project

Request Body required
  • name string

    Name of the labeling session

  • auto boolean

    If auto is set to true, the documents will be analyzed if they contain attributes that match with tags. If this is the case, they are automatically inferred and annotated by the system

  • sample_size integer

    Sample size

  • document_ids integer[]

    IDs of already available documents that should be annotated

  • documents object[]

    The documents that should be used for this annotation session

  • text string

    The document text

  • segments object[]

    list of segments

  • text string

    The segment text

  • span integer[]

    The interval at which the segment occurs in the original document

  • tags object[]

    A list of tags

  • class string

    The class's name.

  • label string

    The label's name.

  • classes string[]

    Classes contained in that session. If not given, project classes will be used

  • labels string[]

    Labels contained in that session. If not given, project labels will be used

  • file_id uuid

    Unique identifier of the file

  • column_mapping object

    An object that maps column name and column content. Attributes can be: 'text', 'label', 'class' or 'aspect'. The value should be the correspondent column in the original file

  • credential_id number

    ID of the credential to be used to connect to the external source

  • source string

    A string that identifies the source

  • parameters object

    Parameters to filter the data returned by the external source.


Session was created

  • created date-time

    When the session was started.

  • finished date-time

    When the session was finished.

  • document_count integer

    Total of documents

  • document_group_id integer

    ID of the document group related to the session, if any

  • organization_id integer

    ID of the organization to which the session belongs.

  • user_id integer

    ID of the user to which the session belongs.

  • project_id integer

    ID of the project to which the session belongs.

  • uuid uuid

    The unique ID of the session.

  • id integer

    The ID of the session.

  • name string

    The session's name.

  • progress float

    The session's progress.

  • model_id integer

    The ID of the model used by that session. This property only makes sense for correction sessions

  • status string


    The session's status.

  • mode string

    Possible values: [ANNOTATION, CORRECTION]

    The session's mode.

  • type string

    Possible values: [ABSA, CLASS, LABEL, CLASSLABEL]

    The session's classification type.

  • description string

    The session's description.

  • classes string[]

    All classes that belong to the session

  • labels string[]

    All labels that belong to the session