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Run an Ad-hoc analysis

Run an Ad-hoc analysis of a list of documents.

Request Body required
  • documents object[]
  • text string

    The document text

  • id integer

    The ID of the document.

  • model_id integer

    ID of the model

  • split boolean

    Whether documents should be split into sentences


Analysis is finished

  • model string

    Name of the model used for the analysis

  • documents object[]

    A list of labelled documents

  • text string

    The document text

  • segments object[]

    list of segments

  • text string

    The segment text

  • span integer[]

    The interval at which the segment occurs in the original document

  • tags object[]

    A list of tags

  • class string

    The class's name.

  • label string

    The label's name.

  • type string

    Possible values: [ABSA, CLASS, LABEL, CLASSLABEL]

    The analysis's classification type.