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List all projects' analyses.

Use URL params to control or filter the result.The pagination should be done by increasing the offset by the value of limit until the property has_more is false

Path Parameters
  • project_id integer required

    ID of the project

Query Parameters
  • offset integer

    An offset is simply the number of records you wish to skip before selecting records.

  • limit integer

    Limit of entries that should be returned.

  • details string

    Possible values: [segments, meta, tags]

    Which details should return. Values might be any combination of 'segments', 'meta' and 'tags'.

    • segments: Show segments of a document
    • meta: Show all the additional attributes that were originally given as the document was uploaded
    • tags: Show tags of a document


Schema array
  • created date-time

    The date and time the analysis was started

  • finished date-time

    The date and time the analysis has finished.

  • document_count integer

    Total of documents

  • uuid uuid

    The UUID of the analysis.

  • id integer

    The ID of the analysis.

  • name string

    The name of the analysis.

  • progress float

    The progress of the analysis.

  • model_id integer

    The ID of the model used by that analysis.

  • status string


    The status of the analysis.

  • type string

    Possible values: [ABSA, CLASS, LABEL, CLASSLABEL]

    The classification type of the analysis.

  • description string

    The description of the analysis.

  • classes object[]

    All classes that belong to the analysis.

  • name string

    The class's name.

  • example string

    A usage example.

  • description string

    The class's description to help the annotator.

  • id integer

    The ID of the label

  • labels object[]

    All labels that belong to the analysis.

  • id integer

    The ID of the label

  • name string

    The label's name.

  • documents object[]

    List of documents of the analysis.

  • text string

    The document text

  • segments object[]

    list of segments

  • text string

    The segment text

  • span integer[]

    The interval at which the segment occurs in the original document

  • tags object[]

    A list of tags

  • class string

    The class's name.

  • label string

    The label's name.