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Create a new document group.

A document group is, as the name suggests, a group of documents. There are two ways of creating a group:- By calling the Create group endpoint with all the documents you want to add to the group- In two steps: first one, upload a file in CSV, TXT, JSON, JSONL or XLSX format using the Upload a File endpoint. Then, use the file_id received and the column you want

Path Parameters
  • project_id integer required

    ID of the project to get

Request Body required
  • documents object[]

    array of objects that represent documents.

  • text string

    The document text

  • id integer

    The ID of the document.

  • name string

    Name of the group

  • file_id uuid

    Unique identifier of the file

  • credential_id number

    ID of the credential to be used to connect to the external source

  • source string

    A string that identifies the source

  • parameters object

    Parameters to filter the data returned by the external source.

  • column integer

    DEPRECATED: The index of the column that should be used as source

  • column_name string

    Name of the column or property that contains data to be analyzed

  • split boolean

    Whether documents should be split into sentences

  • header_first boolean

    Whether the first line should be used as the file header


Group was created

  • created date-time
  • document_count integer

    Total of documents

  • id integer

    The ID of the document group.

  • name string

    The document group's name.

  • project_id integer

    The ID of the project that the document group belongs to.

  • source string

    Possible values: [ANALYSIS, UPLOAD, ANNOTATIONS]

    The source of the documents for that group

  • status string


    The document group's status.